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GameStop adds All-Stars pre-order perk for God of War: Ascension

by Joystiq
3 days, 5 hrs ago
GameStop adds AllStars preorder perk for God of War Ascension
God of War: Ascension adds a voucher for two PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale characters with pre-orders from GameStop. The dueling duo is Zeus from the God of War series and Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame, both of whom we met in February for PS All-Stars. The characters will unlock on March 19.This DLC joins the previous Ascension pre-order perk at GameStop, the Champions Pack that includes a skin of King Leonidas from 300, a 48-hour multiplayer XP boost and the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack. The Champions Pack also includes a poster, but that's less "DLC" and more "reality."[Thanks, Bradley!]

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