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DaxGamer - Video game news, reviews, and trailers updated daily
Number of Stories: 354
Latest Story: Grand Theft Auto 5 cover art revealed
Dual Pixels - A revolution in digital entertainment, our site explores gaming, tech, and urban otaku culture
Number of Stories: 325
Latest Story: Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Revealed
Calm Down Tom - Taking games too seriously
Number of Stories: 306
Latest Story: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Review (PS3 / PS Vita)
BNBGAMING - Founded in 2010, BNBGAMING is a videogame news analysis and opinion site that produces news-centric features, editorials and opinion pieces, alongside game reviews, previews and BNBGAMING's podcast series, PodBytes
Number of Stories: 268
Latest Story: Review: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (360/PS3/PC)
SEGA Blog - The official SEGA blog
Number of Stories: 257
Latest Story: Your Favorite Games as You’ve Never Heard Them Before
The Games Blog - The G.A.M.E.S. Blog was founded in April 2009 with the goal of providing you with interesting content from a variety of sources
Number of Stories: 245
Latest Story: Crunchyroll to simulcast Aiura and Mushibugyo
SlimGamer - Video game news, reviews, previews, rumors, articles, giveaways
Number of Stories: 217
Latest Story: GTA V Official Boxart
IGN - News from the Imagine Games Network
Number of Stories: 178
Latest Story: Pokemon Conquest - Intro Movie
The Gameslave - Site that welcomes all geeks with a primary focus on video games and anime
Number of Stories: 164
Latest Story: The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 144
Video Games Reloaded - The home of gaming on the web
Number of Stories: 116
Latest Story: Wii U Review: Lego City Undercover
Bordersdown - Friendly import video game forum, news and reviews
Number of Stories: 109
Latest Story: Devil May Cry Review - Sony PS2
Gaming Survival - Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PSP, Vita, Android & iPhone games with expert reviews, news, previews, features, editorials, and more!
Number of Stories: 78
Latest Story: Game of the Week: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
NXUS - Your games, movies and tech nexus
Number of Stories: 72
Latest Story: Review: Berserk Golden Age Arc I: The Egg of the King
Game Latte - Video blog discussing role playing games as art and entertainment. The goal is to provide thought and insight on the enjoyment of this diverse and often misunderstood hobby in small bite sizes with the exception of live recording.
Number of Stories: 71
Latest Story: Game Latte Chat 1
Gaming Heads Up - Where new games meet the old classics. News, reviews and articles
Number of Stories: 54
Latest Story: BioShock Infinite Launch Trailer
GameBlurb - Reviews, gamecasts and more
Number of Stories: 44
Latest Story: It"s Been Fun, But Now It"s Time To Go…
Game-Pad - Game-Pad brings you up to the date news and reviews from the gaming world, along with exclusive interviews and lively discussions
Number of Stories: 40
Latest Story: The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Dated
Joystick Division - Videogame news, features and reviews. Edited by J.M. Zoss
Number of Stories: 26
Latest Story: Goodbye
Gamefluke - For your In-depth videogame reviews, top gaming news, trailers and previews
Number of Stories: 11
Latest Story: Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Multiplayer Trailer
Number of Stories: 11
Latest Story: EVE Online: Incarna 1.0 Now Available
GamingNewsDaily - Gaming news site dedicated to bringing you the latest news, reviews, previews, opinions & more on all major consoles, PC and handhelds
Number of Stories: 10
Latest Story: [GND Reviews] Mass Effect 3
Hardcore Christian Gamer - Family friendly Christian oriented video gaming site with gaming news, reviews and podcasts
Number of Stories: 1
Latest Story: Hardcore Christian Gamer XP "On Vacation"
Digital Video Gamer - The life and times of video gaming in the media now generation
Number of Stories: 0
Latest Story:
GameSnark - Totally biased towards awesome games
Number of Stories: 0
Latest Story: